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Step into the garden, into the blooms, come closer and find fairy rooms.

You may just get a fleeting glimpse, of golden wings and tiny footprints.

Fairy dust has a twinkling sound, catch it as it flutters down.

For gardens whether large or small, are not quite what they seem at all.


For centuries, the world has been fascinated with the idea that “fairies and elves” live among us and have the power to spread magic and mischief throughout our homes and gardens.

While the existence of fairies is up to your own imagination, adding fairies to your garden is a way to participate in this centuries old tradition. It never hurts to please the fairies and sprites in order to gain their favor.

Spread Your Wings and
Let The Fairy In You Fly!



Fairy Gardens Are Becoming Increasingly Popular In The Home Garden.

Tonkadale is one of the few places where you can shop for Fairy Garden Accessories to accompany them.

What Are Fairy Gardens?

Fairy Gardens are miniature landscapes created using small-scale plants and accessories. These little scenes create a sense of magic and whimsy, and are essential for attracting those little elusive fairies to your home and garden.


An outdoor fairy garden can be as small or large as your area allows. Choose a spot under a hosta leaf, under a tree in a shady spot, or in your rose garden. Add a bench, a tiny birdhouse, and a birdbath and you have a secluded place for fairies to linger. If you have room, add a path that leads to a lighted house complete with a picket fence. Plant small terrarium sized plants like baby tears or ivies. Hang a tire swing on a nearby branch to entice an entire fairy family to move in! The possibilities are endless!!

Fairy Garden Folklore

Common Celtic belief is that fairies were driven away by humans to live in the other world. However, many fairies have chosen to stay among us.

They wear flowers for clothes which makes them hard to find. They are said to have magical powers, are very shy, and tend to be a little mischievous. Fairies like to play tricks; they move things around in the garden and hide things just for their own amusement! They love to dance and if you look closely, you may see them dancing in the dark with the fireflies.

While they make their homes in the holes of trees, fallen logs, and mossy hillsides, they are never ones to turn down a ready-made home. Fairies would rather play than work; a fairy house and a garden is always appreciated.

Simple Steps to Create a Fairy Garden ...
With a Little Imagination and a Few Basic Materials, Fairy Gardens Can Add Magic To Your Indoor Living Space.
  1. Choose A Container
    • A container with a drainage hole is best when using live plants
    • Plastic or terra cotta pots work great, glass bowls and jars show off all the layers
  2. Layer Your Materials
    • First a layer of pebbles for drainage
    • Next, a layer of charcoal to keep the soil fresh
    • Fill with potting soil
  3. Choose A Theme
    • Cottage, whimsy, nautical, tree house,
      the possibilities are endless
    • Look to your fairies to give you clues
  4. Pick Your Plants
    • Choose plants with compatible light and watering requirements
    • Choose miniature plants or those that you can prune and train easily
    • Use ferns for “trees”, lipstick or goldfish plant for “bushes”, baby tears make a nice “groundcover, and ivies are great “climbers”
    • Miniature violets, roses, kalenchoes and
      poinsettias add color to the scene
  5. Fill-in With Your Accessories
    • Chairs, benches, trellises, garden tools etc. are all available at Tonkadale
    • Fashion your own structures and accessories from everyday household items or leftover craft supplies.
  6. Insert Fairy…
    this is the fun part!
  7. Cover The Soil With Bark, Pebbles or Sheet Moss.
    You can use these materials to create grass and paths too!
  8. Remember To Water and Fertilize Carefully
    … everything is little.
  9. Have Fun!
    Involve your family, friends, kids and grandchildren.

Having trouble getting started? We have many talented fairy garden enthusiasts on staff to help you get started, or let one of our designers create one for you.

Our resident expert Anna Risan is happy to answer questions and share ideas.
e-mail her at anna@tonkadale.com.

Tonkadale FAIRY GARDENS ...

It's Moved! It's Expanded! It's Fabulous!
More Great Merchandise Awaits You!

Gallery Of Great Fairy Gardens...




Have Fun! Get Crazy! Get Silly!

...just keep it small and the fairies
will appreciate and reward your efforts.




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